Bracing: Cabling & Bolting

Why would I need to brace my tree?

During the growing season, the added weight, combined with stormy weather can often cause branches and co-dominant stems to split and crack. This usually happens in Cedar elms in North Texas, but occasionally we run into Ash trees or different Oak trees that need it. Bradford pears typically don’t split, they completely break. If the Bradford Pear is large enough, we can bolt it to prevent breakage.

A co-dominant stem occurs when the main trunk of the tree is no longer one stem, but two or more and they are the same or similar size. As the two stems grow against each other, they form a weak union, becoming structurally unstable. One stem will likely break under stressful conditions.

The solution

To prevent your tree from breaking, we can put bolts through the tree to add additional support.

If a tree has already split, we can secure it and diminish the split by putting a bolt through it. This will prevent further splitting and allow the three to heal the wound.

Sometimes a cable is necessary depending on how the branches are positioned. An arborist would be able to give the proper recommendation. However, 90% of the time we use bolts to brace as they tend to be more effective.

Give us a call for a free estimate if you think your tree may be at risk for splitting or breaking. 972-317-9598

How do I know if I need my tree to be braced?

If a tree has recently experienced strong winds or icy conditions and you have a cedar elm or ash tree, please examine it for splitting along the length of the limbs and at unions.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, develop a relationship with an Arborist. Our Arborists strive to have lasting relationships with their clients and will be happy to answer any questions or come look at your tree to examine it.

Contact Tree Shepherds today to schedule an appointment with the Arborist.

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