Drone & Cat Rescue

What is drone or cat rescue?

If you have something stuck in a tree that you need safely removed, we can do it for you! Our skilled tree climbers will use their climbing gear to climb the tree and rescue your drone or cat!

What does it cost?

We charge a $175 flat rate for any drone or cat rescue.

Why do Cats get stuck in trees?

Cats like to climb. However, cats have different skill levels. If they are scared or threatened, they may climb up, but are not able to get down if they haven’t learned how to climb backwards. Domesticated cats and kittens are less likely to be able to climb down a tree because they haven’t learned.

Cats also can get physically stuck. If their paw gets wedged, or they are physically injured they may need rescuing. For a good blog post on this, check out http://www.wayofcats.com/blog/do-cats-get-stuck-in-trees/8191

What do I do if I see a cat stuck in a tree?

First, wait and assess. Not all cats that are in trees are stuck. A couple of indicators that the cat is stuck is if it is mewing loudly or it is been in the tree for more than 2 days. If you can’t bear to see the cat up in the tree, feel free to call us immediately and we will be out there ASAP. Keep in mind that cats begin to get dehydrated after about 2 days and severe dehydration that can be fatal or cause medical problems can happen around day 6 – 7. The sooner you get the cat rescued, the better.

After you’ve determined that the cat is really stuck, determine if you can do it yourself. There are several good methods of getting a cat out of a tree, however don’t attempt this if you aren’t comfortable, it is more than 8 feet above ground, or you can’t get to it safely. Your safety is far more important than a cats!

If you see that you can’t get it out yourself or don’t want to attempt it, please call Tree Shepherds. Please don’t call the fire department, as they will not help you in this area. They typically don’t have the skills or manpower to rescue cats. That resource is for human safety.

Contact Tree Shepherds today to schedule an appointment with the Arborist.

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