Insect & Disease Control

What types of insects and diseases are in North Texas?

There are many different forms of insects & diseases that attack trees. Some common ones in North Texas include aphids, different types of borer’s, and scale insects. Ganoderma, Phytophthora, fire blight, and bacterial leaf scorch are just a few for fungus and diseases.

As of Spring 2018, Oak Wilt has not been spotted in Denton County as far as we have been able to determine, despite what the county extension service says. This could change anytime, but as of now it hasn’t been spotted.

Why do trees get sick?

Trees have natural mechanisms that protect themselves from insects and other diseases. A technical term is CODIT (Compartmentalization Of Disease In Trees). In simple terms, the tree will send a chemical reaction to a diseased area and seal it off so the disease doesn’t kill the entire tree. However, when a tree is stressed from what we call “stress factors” such as lack of water, too much water, poor root systems, heat, and lack of nutrients, the tree cannot perform this function as effectively. That’s when disease starts to take over a tree.

Our approach

In addition to treating whatever insect or disease may be affecting the tree, Tree Shepherds believes in helping to eliminate the various stress factors that are present,

Can my tree be saved?

We have experience successfully treating many common tree afflictions in the Denton County area. Unfortunately, there are some diseases that cannot be cured, or a tree may be too far in decline to save. The best way to help your tree is to keep it from getting sick. Please develop a relationship with a good arborist to help keep your tree healthy.

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