Tree Pruning

Tree Shepherds approach to pruning

Tree Shepherds goal for pruning is to maintain the natural look of our client’s trees while helping our clients attain their goals. Many people want light to the turf to help their grass grow, roof clearance, help with city code compliance, improving the view, or just general cleanup of a scraggly looking tree. Whatever it is, we can do it, and we won’t butcher your tree in the process.

We are professionally trained according to the latest ANSI A300 standards and understand what science teaches on how a tree responds to pruning. Our most experienced climbers and crew leaders have been with us or been in the industry since 2010.

Additional benefits of using Tree Shepherds

Most tree care companies tout that they do quality work at affordable prices. We offer some additional benefits that not all tree care companies can.

  • Our clients can speak clearly to any of our crew members on site if they have questions, want work changed, or need additional advice.
  • All our employees are insured and protected with worker’s compensation, so our clients are free of any liability should something go wrong.
  • We have general liability insurance, so your personal property is protected if something is damaged.
  • We guarantee our work. If you don’t like how we did something or we didn’t meet your expectations, we will be back to fix it. If we break something, we will fix it or replace it in a timely manner.
  • We strive to develop relationships with our clients. We don’t want to just show up, do a quick job, take your money and go. We care about people just as much as trees, so we strive to take care of them.

The science behind pruning

In terms of science, there are a few things to consider when getting your tree pruned. What will happen if the suckers (small branches growing in the center of the tree. A.K.A. Epicormic growth) are cut out? What happens to the root system if a significant portion of the crown of a tree is removed? Is the tree at risk of disease or insects when it is pruned? Should I paint my tree after each cut? If too much is removed, will the tree be at risk for sunscald? Is it possible to make a branch grow a certain direction? We can answer these questions and more. The 2 biggest questions our pruning crews are trained to answer is “How will the tree respond if I make a specific cut?” and “Is this what the client wants?”

In addition to understanding the science of pruning, we also understand the artistic side of pruning a tree. If a client wants a tree shaped a certain way, we can prune a tree to the desired shape while keeping it structurally sound. And if a client wants us to make the call, they can rest assured that their tree will be beautiful, structurally sound, and pruned in a way that is healthy for the tree.

We care for your tree, so please give us a call if you need somebody to prune your trees! 972-317-9598

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