Stump Grinding

How it works

If you have a stump that you want removed, we can take care of it. We bring a stump grinder machine out that has a fast spinning wheel with teeth on it which shreds the stump. The machine can take care of any sized stump, however with very small stumps, it may be more economical to just grub it out by hand. We typically grind the stump 4 – 6” below grade level, but can grind it completely out if necessary to replant a tree or for construction work.

Depending on the location of the stump, the stump grinder may not be able to reach it. A few examples are raised garden beds, or stumps that are on top of a retaining wall with no ramp access. But we are happy to look and let you know.

What does stump grinding cost?

The cost of stump grinding is going to vary depending on size of the stump, how difficult it is to reach, and how deep we need to grind it. The price range is between $75 - $225 per stump. Larger quantities of stumps at a time will receive quantity discount.

Are there risks involved with stump grinding?

As with anything that involves heavy machinery, yes there is risk. One risk is potential damage to property if the stump is near a wall, fence or other structure. Another risk is damage to irrigation lines or electrical. However, Tree Shepherds has professionally trained people to operate the stump grinder and the risk is minimal. We also guarantee that if anything is damaged we’ll fix or replace it

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